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Main Menu

Greek Spanakopita A Trio of Cheese, Greens, and Dough Greek spanakopita is a delectable savory pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese,

GhanaianSuya BBQ African Marinade for Meat or Vegetables Suya is a popular grilling spice blend in West African cuisine, particularly in Nigeria

More Menu Options

Our new Cajun blend is tailored to prepare a blackened fish or poultry. Blackening seals the juice in the fish or meat in the seasoning crust. Use an outside grill to avoid a kitchen filled with smoke. However, blackening is not required to make a delicious dinner with this Cajun blend. Traditional frying works great as well.

The pizza-style lahmacun, or lahmajoun, or translated "meat on dough" is popular in the Eastern Mediterranean region from Lebanon to Turkey. The crust has a thin crispy-soft texture from the stone oven. At home, it's traditionally baked in a pan without oil. The meat infused with summer vegetables creates a refreshing juicy topping. Enjoy lahmacun rolled up with or without salad filling.

Pibil was a method to prevent meat from spoiling. It dates back to the time of the Maya civilization in Yucatán. The mild yet earthy, slightly bitter achiote, aka annatto, matches perfectly with the sour orange-vinegar-juice in the seasoning called ‘recardo rojo’. If you have the time, we recommend the authentic slow-cooked version and the addition of salsa bandera.

This dish looks like an omelet but gives a different taste experience. Not the eggs but the vegetables are the stars of the dish. The eggs act as a supporter, holding the dish together to create a heavenly taste thanks to the divine Persian 'advieh' spice blend from rosebud, cinnamon, cardamom, and mace. Healthy turmeric adds a beautiful yellow color.

Vietnamese Bánh Xèo A Magic Combination of Flavors and Textures Bánh xèo is a delicious Vietnamese dish that can be described as

Lebanese Batata Chap “Croquettes” With Savory Filling Batata chap has a crisp outer layer made from mashed potatoes and a juicy filling,