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Canard à l'Orange is a French classic roasted duck with an orange based sauce. Our recipe is for chicken instead of duck, and adds herb seasoning with citrus notes. The caramel-like, dark orange sauce with a sweet and bitter taste is achieved by slowly cooking orange juice with vinegar and sugar.

Originally, Mulligatawny was a hot pepper sauce served with rice. It became very popular as a soup during the British colonial era in India. Today it is the national soup of India, and still very popular in England. There are many different versions. Try this one with tamarind as a main ingredient of the spice blend and add as much pepper as you like.

More Menu Options

Warming hotpot is one of the most popular dishes of the Chinese province Sichuan (aka Szechuan). The Sichuanese love to get together with family and friends spending hours sitting around the simmering pot, eating, and chatting. Optionally, use the Hotpot spices for one of our other recommended recipes.

Poulet aux Meslalla is a stew of chicken and olives with a slightly lemony gravy, also called olive chicken tagine. Tagines are originally cooked in the earthenware tagine pot. This recipe is the simplest version with a pure flavor dominated by saffron, lemons, and olives (or meslalla). The smell of saffron feels like home in a Moroccan family kitchen.

Get right into the center of the Brazilian carnival with this popular street food, vatapá. Originally from Africa, it is known as a specialty from the region of Bahia which spread throughout Brazil. This recipe with a modern twist comes directly from Brazil. Ground annatto seeds add a warm, earthy flavor and natural red color. Though shrimp is a typical ingredient, vatapá is just as popular without it.

Khoresh Fesenjan is one of the best dishes of the Persian cuisine and part of the dinner table on Shabe Yalda when families come together to celebrate the longest night of the year and the beginning of the winter. Walnuts and pomegranates give this stew its characteristic flavor: creamy richness with a tangy note and a hint of sweetness. The shopping list is short, and the cooking steps are simple. Yet, the heavenly taste sensation develops only with patience.

Make It Again

Rogan Josh is a signature dish from the mountain region of Kashmir. The preparation of this stew is as easy as it can get. The complex spice blend creates a rich flavor and intense color. We recommend using a good amount of chili; Kashmiri chilies are the best choice. They are less hot than cayenne pepper and color the dish pleasantly red.

B'stilla, also called pastilla, is a savory-sweet pie with precious saffron in a crisp phyllo-style wrapping. It's an indispensable menu item for festive occasions like weddings. Formerly made with pigeons, today one of the most popular versions is filled with chicken and almonds. Alternatively, go for the simple stew version or a different tagine recipe (see recipe notes).