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“It’s like cooking my style with an invisible helping hand!!” | “It has really inspired me to do more cooking and get out of the ordinary.”
Kenyan Kuku Paka Recipe Spice Kit
Kenyan Kuku Paka Recipe Spice Kit

Example: Kenyan Kuku Paka

Shopping List

Protein Options: chicken thighs, tender or breast, or white firm fish (e.g. halibut).

Fresh Produce: lemon, onion, garlic, tomato

Staples: coconut milk, oil, salt & pepper

Spice Blend (included) 

Orange peel, ginger, turmeric, salt, anardana, amchoor, cumin, black pepper, chilies, asafoetida, thyme, mint

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Cook Global Meals with Ease

On a Quest for the Perfect Recipe?

In today’s super busy world, it often feels like we’re constantly racing to keep up with the demands of daily life, doesn’t it? It’s tough to find recipes that taste great and meet our diet. I mean, who has the time for that? And let’s be real, cooking the same old meals day in and day out can get pretty boring. It makes us feel stuck when we think about what to make for dinner.
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Dinner Missing Ingredient

Dinner Plans Dashed?

We’ve all been there – you’re all geared up to whip up a delicious meal, only to realize you’re missing that one crucial ingredient. It’s beyond frustrating and can totally throw off your dinner plans. Cooking, which should be a source of joy, suddenly becomes a stress-inducing scramble. And guess what? You’re definitely not alone in this struggle; it happens to someone every single day!
But hey, we understand. You just need the right tools to match your lifestyle. With them by your side, cooking can transform from a hassle back into the enjoyable experience it’s meant to be.

Like an Invisible Hand

“It’s like cooking my style with an invisible helping hand!!”
Imagine how fun it would be to easily making tasty dishes from around the world right in your kitchen. You’ll add exciting new flavors to your meals without a fuss.
Let’s dive into an endless adventure with food! We’re here to support you with simple recipes using everyday ingredients, a master shopping list, a unique flexible meal plan concept, and the extra kick of freshly ground spices. Let’s get cooking!
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Cooking Made Simple

A Unique Approach

Discover the ease of our culinary approach. Our recipes are meticulously crafted from a concise list of essential ingredients, ensuring that with just one weekly grocery trip using our convenient master list, you’ll have everything at your fingertips. Even for those occasional additional items, rest assured they’re easy to find.

Coming Soon!

But that’s not all. We offer a flexible meal planning system designed to seamlessly integrate into your routine. Once you’ve experienced it, it’s memorized without any effort. Join us in simplifying mealtime, one delicious dish at a time.


  • A curated selection of international recipes.
  • Pre-portioned, freshly ground spices.
  • A streamlined grocery master list.
  • Ingredient and recipe tips.
  • Coming soon: A flexible meal planning tool.

Built for Your Global Dinner Experience

Cooking Global Turned Fun

Curated Easy Recipes

Cook up exciting new dishes from around the world with ease. Our curated recipes feature simple cooking steps and everyday ingredients.

Never Miss Ingredients

Streamline your grocery shopping and keep everything you need on hand with our minimal grocery master list, perfectly aligned with our recipes.

Worldwide Flavors

Choose from a wide selection of dishes from all culinary regions of the world with the convenience of pre-portioned freshly ground spice blends.

Flexible Ingredients

Personalize your meals by selecting ingredients that suit your diet and preferences, and indulge in a variety of fresh vegetables with each dinner for a delightful culinary experience.

Global Creativity

Enhance your daily culinary creations by incorporating elements from our global recipes. Elevate your taste experience with exciting new flavors and cooking techniques.

Culinary Exploration

Discover a variety of new food items at your own pace and according to your preferences. Take control of your culinary journey and savor each discovery on your own terms.

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Authentic Recipes

We Curate, Translate, Simplify, Test, You Enjoy!
Embarking on the adventure of trying out new recipes can be both an exciting and daunting experience. This culinary journey often entails navigating through unknown territories that go beyond one’s comfort zone, including confronting language barriers which may make deciphering recipes quite challenging. It also frequently involves encountering ingredients that are not commonly found in one’s local grocery store, perhaps herbs with names you’ve never heard before or vegetables that look nothing like what you’re accustomed to seeing. A trusted recipe source to the rescue!

Pantry Overflowing?

Yet Something's Missing? Not Anymore!
Eager to experiment with new recipes, the excitement quickly fades as you delve into the ingredient lists. The demand for an assortment of vinegars, sauces, and spices feels overwhelming. From apple cider vinegar to raspberry vinegar, and hot sauce to Worcestershire sauce, your kitchen shelves become a maze of flavors. The spice cabinet is no better. Each ingredient seems like a treasure hunt, and the cost adds up quickly. It’s frustrating—instead of enjoying the process, you feel like you’re on a never-ending quest for elusive ingredients. Wouldn’t you prefer to minimize your cooking ingredients?
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Customers Reviews

Last time I cooked a recipe from the Philippines and I was thrilled about the lemon taste that tickled my tongue long after the dinner was over. How wonderful to be inspired by fresh and delicious smelling spices and create new dishes from around the world!
Ulrike L.
"Love it! "
I am loving this subscription! Not only does it encourage me to stop eating out (expensive and unhealthy!) but it also gives me such an awesome variety of new and exciting things to try. I am so glad a chef friend told me about this!
Kerri S.
"What an adventure!"
It's great, you may think, oh it's just spices, but, it motivates us to cook and try these recipes. They are easily modified to be vegetarian for us, we enjoy making these meals together, it has added a new passion to our relationship. (...) Worth it. Love it.
Patrick A.
"In my TOP 3 favourite monthly kits."

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