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Main Menu

These are perfect for your BBQ or just as a change for your weekday dinner. Keftedes are very juicy meatballs thanks to the added ingredients like milk. The Greek spice blend include herbs from dill to mint and warm spices from cinnamon to nutmeg with a hint of chili. Add fresh vegetables or salad, and of course, fresh bread.

“Anti-cucho” translates most likely to 'cuts from the Andes region'. Anticuchos have a long history dating back to the pre-Columbian era of the Incas. Initially, they were made with llama meat. The Spaniards changed the meat, added new spices, and put the meat on skewers. Today, anticuchos are preferably made of beef heart, chicken, or steak and most popular during National Holidays and at summer barbecues.

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Well-known Tandoori BBQ develops its flavor in a fragrant yogurt-marinade. The spice blend includes ajowan, an extraordinary aromatic Indian spice. Ajowan has a thyme-anise-like taste, slightly bitter and nutty. Dip the grilled goodness into a mint chutney from fresh herbs.

Chermoula is an aromatic marinade from North Africa. It's popular in the Maghrebi countries from Tunisia to Morocco. With its base of fresh herbs it's similar to South American chimichurri. It's mainly used in slow cooked tagines with fish or chicken. Alternatively, try it as a seasoning on grilled meat, fish, or vegetables.

In this light salad, noodles are paired with healthy raw vegetables in a tangy lemon sauce. It's seasoned with Kampot pepper, which has a floral note and is considered the finest pepper in the world. Grown in the mineral-rich mountains of the Kampot region, the taste of black Kampot pepper unveils hints of flower, eucalyptus, and mint. “It’s got a floral dimension that’s really something special,” said Anthony Bourdain.  

This dish is one of the most well-known specialties from the cultural melting pot La Réunion, one of five French oversea regions. Less than 1 Million people live on the small tropical island in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mauritius. Rougail saucisses is made preferably with spicy smoked sausages or chicken. Take a moment to smell the distinctive makrut lime leaves.

Make It Again

Originally, tapas are meant as snacks in between drinks. The hot summer in Spain calls for light meals. Sharing a variety of fresh homemade tapas with friends for dinner leaves nobody hungry. Baked potato cubes with a spicy sauce or homemade mayonnaise are a standard item. Since access to Spanish sausages is rare in the US, try our spicy chorizo sauce instead.

Gai yang translates to grilled chicken. It is a very popular dish on the streets of Laos and Thailand. Gai yang is not spicy but rather salty. The addition of unseasoned fresh vegetables balances the flavor. Fresh chilies or a Thai dipping sauce add heat if desired.

New: 2 for 1 - Double Spice Pouches (limited 1 per subscription)

Za'atar is a very popular Middle Eastern spice blend, in restaurants served as a tabletop condiment or as a dip mixed with olive oil. There are plenty of variations, all based on sesame seeds, sumac, and thyme or a similar herb. The combination of nutty, sour, and savory makes the taste so versatile and irresistible. Try it with roasted chicken, vegetables, on pizza, hummus, or as a dip.

Get a new favorite for your grill party with Mexican-Venezuelan carne asada. The tender meat with a tangerine-chipotle flavor is served with the king of salsas. In Venezuela, there is no BBQ without guasacaca sauce. Optionally, serve carne asada over fries with rich toppings. This variation has its origin in San Diego, California.