In 5 Delicious Dishes around the World

Join our culinary journey around the world with these selected recipes. Some might sound familiar to you. Some didn’t make it yet on the menu of an American restaurant.


The authentic Paella Valenciana is made with chicken and rabbit. Our variations offer chicken or the popular seafood version. Mussels, cooked in white wine and garlic, can be an additional topping. The spice kit includes saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. Small amounts carry an intensive flavor. 


Bibimbap is a bowl of rice with plenty of toppings. Traditionally, it was an easy way to use up leftovers. Customize the dish to your liking with any vegetable from your fridge. With our online recipe, you can add fermented cabbage (Kimchi). It might even become your favorite way to add preserved vegetables to your sandwich.


In 5 Delicious Dishes Around the World
So delicious and authentic

Me and my husband both love Spice Breeze. The recipes are easy to prepare and have a lot of ideas for substitutions. The spices are high quality and they keep fresh for months even when you don't have the time to use them right away. And everything is so delicious and authentic !

Evelin R.

In 5 Delicious Dishes Around the World
Where will I go today?

Where will I go today? That is what I think whenever I receive my spice breeze packet. The wonderful quality spices and recipe cards allow me to transport my whole family to different countries every time! It's like a international party in your mouth!

Jennifer P.


Get right into the center of the Brazilian carnival with this popular street food, Vatapá. This recipe with a modern twist comes directly from Brazil. Ground annatto seeds add a warm, earthy flavor and natural red color. Though shrimp is a typical ingredient, Vatapá is just as popular without it. 


The origin of Shakshuka might be in Turkey, Spain, or Tunisia. The Israeli version with a beautiful top of poached eggs became famous around the world. This flavorful tomato stew with vegetables can have a bit of heat.


Gboma Dessi from the small African country Togo contains big loads of green spinach in a tomato stew with a distinct flavor profile. Fried chicken or beef is mixed in as well. That’s the kind of comfort food that you can’t stop eating. We just love it! 

5 Delicious Dishes Around The World
5 Delicious Dishes Around The World
5 Delicious Dishes Around The World