Acai Bowl

Brazilian Açaí Bowl

Açaí berries come from Açaí palm trees that grow in the Amazonian rainforest. It's told that they are named after an Amazonian girl. Her name Iaca is Açaí spelled backward. The fruits from the tree saved her tribe from hunger. They have been an indispensable part of the Brazilian diet ever since. In some regions, the dinner table is not complete without a bowl of açaí pulp as a filling side dish. Our take on the Açaí Bowl adds the benefits of the trendy super fruit with organic açaí powder.
Cuisine Brazilian
Servings 2


Shopping List

  • 2 cups frozen berry mix
  • milk of your choice*


  • agave syrup or honey as a sweetener
  • 1 tbsp of your favorite nut or seed butter
  • leaves of baby kale or spinach

Topping Ideas

  • slices fresh fruits e. g. banana, kiwi
  • Rolled oat flakes, coconut flakes, granola
  • Chia, flax, sunflower, or pumpkin seeds
  • Dried goji berries

Culinary Spice Kit

  • Açaí powder


  • Mix the frozen fruits, 1 cup milk, Açaí powder, and optional ingredients in a blender.
  • Add slowly more milk as needed. Continue until you receive a consistency that is a bit thicker than a smoothie.
  • Distribute the mixture into two bowls and top with your favorite fruits, seeds, and more.
  • Enjoy!


*recommended: almond, soy, coconut, or rice milk ▪ Substitute the berry mix with other frozen fruits of your choice