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Samlar Machu is a popular Cambodian dish, both as a stew and a soup. The flavor base is the traditional Cambodian kroeung spice blend that includes lemongrass, galangal, and makrut lime leaves. The addition of tamarind and lime in combination with fish sauce creates a slightly sour-salt note. Adapt the recipe to your taste with chicken, fish, or tofu, and vegetables of your choice.

Gong Bao is a classic, spicy dish originated in the Sichuan Province in Southwest China, named after a former governor of Sichuan. Unlike the westernized version, also known as Kung Bao, it's signature spice is Sichuan peppercorn. Don't be surprised. This pepper is not hot but causes a slight numbing sensation on the tongue. Add fresh chili pepper to taste for the desired heat.

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Khoresh Gheimeh is a traditional Persian dish, a unique combination of fries over a lentil stew. The key flavor ingredient is dried Omani, or black lime, with its distinct flavor paired with holiday spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg. Omani limes are usually added in whole and cooked for hours. This spice blend includes ground Omani limes for a delicious weeknight dinner.

European cuisine has an interesting range of hearty stews for the cold season. Enjoy the deep flavor in French Bœuf aux Quatre Épices. Choose the main recipe for a beef stew or one of its variations.

This Ghanaian dish, called Nkatenkwan or groundnut soup, is popular throughout West Africa. It is typically a creamy chicken-peanut-soup. With our variations, the soup can be modified to your taste. Add a finish of grains of paradise (included). They are native to West Africa, mainly from Ghana, and a mild but pungent alternative to black pepper.

Korma is a staple on Indian family dinner tables. The spice blend around coriander and cumin is rather simple compared to complex Indian curries though it develops a magically addicting flavor in its combination with toasted cardamom pods and golden turmeric.

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Poulet aux Meslalla is a stew of chicken and olives with a slightly lemony gravy, also called olive chicken tagine. Tagines are originally cooked in the earthenware tagine pot. This recipe is the simplest version with a pure flavor dominated by saffron, lemons, and olives (or meslalla). The smell of saffron feels like home in a Moroccan family kitchen.

The popular Quiche Lorraine is a pie named after the  Lorraine region in the North-East of France. Originally, it's made with eggs, cream, and pork fat - no cheese. Today, cheese is essential for this savory comfort food, in combination with ham or Italian pancetta. Adjust the filling to your taste with zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, or kale. The spice kit includes mace instead of nutmeg, and a French salad seasoning.

This Month: Fall Special

Kibbeh is a very popular dish in most Middle Eastern countries that has often the form of a small football. Baked Kibbeh is a kind of pie. For the crust mix bulgur (cracked wheat) with pumpkin. The filling combines meat, spinach, and optional nuts with a baharat spice blend. Or substitute garbanzo beans for meat.