A Lot on Your Aussie Burger

Pineapple and beetroot? Serious? Yes! Who dares wins!

But this is not all. The Aussie Burger is also called “Burger with a lot” due to its many layers. Beetroot and pineapple are characteristic ingredients, and so is a sunny side up egg. Add your onions, bacon, or cheese, just as you like your favorite burger anyway.

Tasmanian Tomato Salad Side

Add a fruity tomato side salad with a kick from precious Tasmanian pepperberries, also called Mountain Pepper. Notice the slightly purple color that the berries develop in the vinaigrette.

  • Substitute beef with other meat, or with large portabello mushrooms.
The Aussie Burger Culinary Spice Kit includes the following spices:

Tasmanian pepperberries