How to Surprise Twice for Father's Day

How to Surprise Twice with a SpiceBreeze Father's Day Gift

You might feel that you are late with your Father’s Day gift. Don’t worry! We have you covered. With a few steps, you can order a gift and surprise with a beautiful SpiceBreeze gift card that you can print at home. It’s easy. Just follow the three steps here below for the best Father’s Day ever.

Surprise No. 1

On Father’s Day you surprise with a beautiful SpiceBreeze gift card that you can print at home. Optionally, send a one time starter gift box to arrive before Father’s Day.
Surprise No. 2
Your father can select his first SpiceBreeze meals at the beginning of July.

Perfect Gift, especially during COVID

I wanted to say thank you so much. I've been struggling to find gifts to send my parents to cheer them up while I can't visit. My Dad loves to cook, but isn't very adventurous without prompting. They used to go to cooking classes all the time, but now that isn't possible. I think this was just as good. He was the happiest he's been in ages when he called tonight to tell me how it turned out.
Ali H.
Review May 2020

It's Easy. Just Follow these Steps.

1. Choose your SpiceBreeze Father's Day Gift

SpiceBreeze makes it easy to discover delicious meals from around the world with minimal time and effort. Your father can choose the meals he likes from a seasonal menu. He will receive each month simple recipes with delightful flavors from different regions of the world. Included are  freshly ground pure spices, pre-portioned for easy cooking, and no waste. No exotic ingredients required.

Israelian Shakshuka
Shakshuka Culinary Spice Kit - One of 200 SpiceBreeze Meals
Select Your 1st Shipping Date during Check Out
Click here to secure a SpiceBreeze gift subscription for your father and select the shipping date for the first SpiceBreeze box. Optionally, add a SpiceBreeze Wanderlust Gift Box as a one time starter box (see on the right).
SpiceBreeze Wanderlust Gift Box
SpiceBreeze Wanderlust Gift Box
One time starter box in a beautiful gift packaging with a wide array of meals, extra bonus samples and all purpose seasoning. It can be ordered in addition to subscription during check out or as a stand alone box.

Love! Such a creative gift idea

"Love this idea, this was the perfect gift for my boyfriend, who loves food and playing with spices! It gives him new recipes and ideas try, as well as some well known favourite dishes. Its a great way to send some love from afar, and surprises him every time it comes through the door :)"
Review April 2020
2. Download your SpiceBreeze Father's Day Card

Depending on your location and order date, the gift might not arrive before Father’s Day. Announce the SpiceBreeze gift with a special SpiceBreeze Father’s Day gift Card.

Click here to download your printable SpiceBreeze Father’s Day gift card.

3. Personalize your SpiceBreeze Father's Day Card

Follow the instructions in the downloaded card to print, cut, and personalize your SpiceBreeze Father’s Day card.

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