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1001 Flavors Expand Everyone's Culinary Arsenal

▪ Discover delicious meals from around the world with minimal time and effort.
▪ Cook your selected meals with delightful flavors from different regions of the world.
▪ Includes simplified recipes, global fun facts, and freshly ground pure spices – pre-portioned for easy cooking and no waste.
▪ No exotic ingredients required.

How It Works

▪ Choose your box size.
▪ Select your preferred meals from our seasonal menu.
▪ Receive pre-measured spice pouches, recipe cards, and global fun facts.
▪ Enjoy a delicious meal.
▪ Free U.S. shipping.

Where will I go today?

"Where will I go today? That is what I think whenever I receive my spice breeze packet. The wonderful quality spices and recipe cards allow me to transport my whole family to different countries every time! It's like a international party in your mouth!"
Review February 2020

Loving the subscription!

"I am always so happy when I open my mailbox and the smell of the spices hits me on a hot day. I love the variery in the recipes, and the ease of making them. My family, and Facebook friends all think I'm an amazing cook with this up my sleeve!"
Review June 2020
Israeli Shakshuka
▪ Only at SpiceBreeze: Feel like dining in a restaurant and choose your favorite meals from our seasonal menu.
▪ Whip up authentic recipes that we simplified for you to bring all the great flavor to your dinner table without exotic ingredients.
▪ Savor national dishes, popular street food, and the most flavorful meals from the world’s kitchen in the comfort of your home.

Love! Such a creative gift idea

"Love this idea, this was the perfect gift for my boyfriend, who loves food and playing with spices! It gives him new recipes and ideas try, as well as some well known favourite dishes. Its a great way to send some love from afar, and surprises him every time it comes through the door :)"
Review April 2020

wow. better than we ever expected

"DELICIOUS. Fresh. Filled with flavour. We have already made all 4 recipes suggested. And we couldn't be happier. Can't wait for the next batch."
Review June 2020