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Tacos al Pastor is a popular Mexican street food. Mexican liked Shawarma made by Lebanese immigrants so much that they created their local take of it. For both dishes, thin marinated meat slices are stapled on a vertical rotisserie, slowly roasted, thinly cut, then served in local bread. The 'shepherd style' tacos are marinated in a traditional chili-adobo-paste and topped with pineapple. Ready for Taco Tuesday?


▪ Substitute pork with chicken breast cut lengthwise.

▪ Substitute pineapple with mango or passion fruit.

Tacos al Pastor Culinary Spice Kit 

Annatto, ancho chili, pasilla chili, cumin, allspice, oregano, cloves


1 / 30

Mexican Tacos al Pastor

Question Image

Aloo Gobi Matar is a popular Indian curry with potato, cauliflower, and peas.  It’s easy to make and quickly on your dinner table. We put our take on it with an ayurvedic spice blend that brings a touch of freshness to the dish, just right for the summertime. Alternatively, the spice blend makes an exotic grill rub.


Add chicken or garbanzo beans


▪ Substitute water with coconut milk, heavy cream, or yogurt.

▪ Substitute cauliflower with another vegetable, e.g. Romanesco broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, rutabaga.

Summer Aloo Gobi Matar Culinary Spice Kit

Fennel, cumin, turmeric, coriander, cardamom


2 / 30

Indian Summer Aloo Gobi Matar

Question Image

Mexican cowboys in Texas made the first Fajitas from skirt steak, probably without any seasoning other than the smoke from the grill. A German chef in Texas brought sirloin beef Fajitas on his menu where it became widely popular. Today, most Fajitas seasonings include artificial flavors. Dig into the deep flavor of Fajitas made with our pure and fresh spices.


▪ Substitute beef with chicken breast, shrimps, or boneless pork cutlets or tenderloin.

▪ Substitute meat with zucchini or eggplant.

Fajitas Culinary Spice Kit

[1] Smoked paprika, cumin, white pepper, oregano

[2] Jalapeño pepper


3 / 30

Mexican Fajitas

Question Image

Japanese tea ceremonies are famous. In this dish, rice is submerged in green tea, hot or cold, and becomes wonderfully juicy and refreshing. Of course, we have a non-tea option as well. Ochazuke is a light one-bowl dish that offers a diverse selection of toppings.


▪ Substitute tea with a broth of your choice.

▪ Substitute salmon with a fish of your choice, egg omelet (cut into strips), poached eggs, or cooked shredded chicken.


Furikake Culinary Spice Kit

Toasted sesame seeds (white & black), roasted seaweed


4 / 30

Japanese Ochazuke with Furikake

Question Image

Grilled fish, “Pwason Griye”, is the most popular fish dish on the Seychelles Islands, right after Octopus Coconut Curry. The whole fish is grilled and served at the beach when family and friends come together on Sundays. Garlic, ginger, and chili peppers are key ingredients in its seasoning. Serve it with a tropical tamarind-tomato chutney.


▪ Substitute red snapper with halibut or sea bass.

▪ Substitute the whole fish with 1 lb fish filet,  marinated in the paste for 1 hour.


Pwason Griye Culinary Spice Kit Ingredients:

[1] tamarind, garlic, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves

[2] cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, thyme, coriander, white pepper

5 / 30

Seychellois Pwason Griye

Question Image

Pollo con Pesto al Forno is an easy baked chicken. Just perfect for a weeknight. Our spice blend includes sun-dried tomatoes and precious pine nuts. We skipped the cheese to avoid preservatives. Or sprinkle the blend on a margarita pizza or pasta with tomato or cheese sauce.


▪ Substitute chicken with zucchini and follow the vegetarian version.

▪ Substitute chicken with a fish filet.

▪ Substitute mozzarella with your preferred cheese.


Pesto Culinary Spice Kit

Basil, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, salt, black pepper

6 / 30

Italian Pollo con Pesto

Question Image

Açaí berries come from Açaí palm trees that grow in the Amazonian rainforest. They are an indispensable part of the Brazilian diet. In some regions, the dinner table is not complete without a bowl of açaí pulp as a filling side dish. Our take on the Açaí Bowl adds the benefits of the trendy superfruit with organic açaí powder.


▪ Recommended milk: almond, soy, coconut, or rice milk

▪ Substitute the berry mix with other frozen fruits of your choice


Açaí Bowl Culinary Spice Kit

Açaí powder

7 / 30

Brazilian Açaí Bowl
(For 2 servings)

Question Image

The origin of Shakshuka might be in Turkey, Spain, or Tunisia. The Israeli version with a beautiful top of poached eggs became famous around the world. This flavorful tomato stew with vegetables has usually a bit of heat. Our pepper flakes add more flavor than heat.


Adapt the recipe to your liking:

Without eggs, with hot chilies, and/ or other vegetables, for instance, pumpkin, leek, sweet potatoes, or mushrooms.

Shakshuka  Culinary Spice Kit

Cumin, paprika, Marash pepper flakes


8 / 30

Israeli Shakshuka

Question Image

Mie Goreng is a common dish in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The stir-fried noodles resemble Chinese Chow Mein. The ingredient list offers a great variety with different selections of vegetables and optional meat or shrimp. The spice blend with earthy galangal accounts for an exceptional flavor.


▪ This recipe makes good use of leftover vegetables.

▪ Substitute shrimp with chicken breast, cut into bite-size cubes, and add them with the vegetables.

▪ Optional vegetables: mung bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, napa cabbage, bok choy, or bell pepper.

Mie Goreng Culinary Spice Kit
  • Galangal, turmeric, black pepper, nutmeg, chili, amchoor, tamarind

9 / 30

Indonesian Mie Goreng

Question Image

It looks like a cake with a savory decoration. The inside is a layered sandwich filled with everything you can imagine as long as you combine it with mayonnaise and eggs on sandwich bread. This recipe is one easy version.


▪ Substitute tuna with 8 oz ham, cut into 1/2-inch squares, or chicken breast, cooked and shredded.

Smörgåstårta Culinary Spice Kit

horseradish, green peppercorns, fennel, dill, celery


10 / 30

Smörgåstårta - Swedish Sandwich Cake

Question Image

Bibimbap is a bowl of rice with plenty of toppings. Customize the dish to your liking with any vegetable from your fridge. Our blend of miso and shiitake mushrooms creates a flavor similar to hard to source Korean bean paste.


▪ Choose from the following vegetables: zucchini, carrots, cabbage, radish, bell pepper, bok choy, cucumber, mushrooms, onions, broccoli.

▪ Substitute beef with chicken breasts or thighs.

▪ Substitute meat protein with portabello mushrooms and black rice instead of white rice. Add marinade after the mushrooms are fried.

Bibimbap Culinary Spice Kit

[1] Red miso (fermented soybeans and salt), Shiitake mushroom

[2] Korean chili pepper flakes


11 / 30

Korean Bibimbap

Question Image

Shukto is a must on any festive Bengali dinner menu. It has a slight bitterness balanced with sugar. If you are not up for this, try a Panch Phoron recipe from our website. Panch Phoron is a Bengali five-spice blend. It’s always used whole. The seeds are fried in oil until they pop and release their aromatic flavor.


▪ Optionally, add chicken breast or thighs.

▪ Substitute turnip with daikon or 1 bunch radish.

▪ Substitute one of the vegetables with 1 plantain or 1 sweet potato.


Shukto Culinary Spice Kit:

[1] Panch Phoron: Cumin, fennel, fenugreek, brown and yellow mustard, nigella

[2] Yellow and brown mustard, ajowan, bay leaves


12 / 30

Bengali Shukto

Question Image

Souvlaki is one of many national Greek dishes. Marinated meat is grilled on a stick and eaten straight off the skewer. The recipe includes Tzatziki, the creamy cucumber-garlic-yogurt sauce.


▪ Substitute pork with chicken breast or thighs, beef tenderloin, or halloumi cheese.

▪ Substitute fresh dill with parsley & 1 tsp dried dill.


Souvlaki Culinary Spice Kit

Oregano, garlic, dill weed, ground dill seeds, cinnamon, mint, chili, nutmeg


13 / 30

Greek Souvlaki

Question Image

This Black Burger is only one of countless vegetarian burgers that are created to date. The history of meatless fried patties goes back to 1969 when the first recipe appeared. In the early eighties, the first commercial version hit the British market and was an immediate success. However, the term “veggie burger” long referred to a hamburger with vegetables on top.


▪ Substitute 1 lb ground meat for beans.


Black Bean Burger Culinary Spice Kit Ingredients:

Sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, onion,  Chipotle chile, porcini mushroom, cumin, smoked paprika, green bell pepper, yellow mustard


14 / 30

Global Black Bean Burger

Question Image

Coffee blends are widely popular. The trend for the dark beans didn’t stop at the coffee shop. Creamy espresso beans mixed with mild ancho chilies add unexpected flavor dimensions to grilled meat. Or give it a try on grilled vegetables. Our blend is made with high-quality Italian espresso for an aromatic flavor without bitterness.


▪ Substitute steak with your preferred chicken pieces.
▪ Substitute meat with evenly cut grill vegetables.

Espresso BBQ Culinary Spice Kit Ingredients:

Ancho chili pepper, onions, espresso beans, black mustard, cinnamon, cumin, chipotle pepper


15 / 30

American Espresso BBQ

Question Image

IKEA made them famous around the world: Köttbullar, the national dish of Sweden. Surprisingly, in 2018, Sweden revealed Turkey as its origin. In the 18th century, King Charles XII fell in love with Turkish meatballs and introduced them to his home country. Today, Köttbullars are usually served with mashed potatoes, creamy brown sauce, and sour-sweet sides.


The recipe is traditional for a half beef and half pork ground meat. You can use any type of ground meat that you prefer.

Köttbullar Culinary Spice Kit

Onions, white pepper, allspice, black pepper, yellow mustard, ginger

16 / 30

Swedish Köttbullar

Question Image

Za'atar is a very popular Middle Eastern spice blend, in restaurants served as a tabletop condiment or as a dip mixed with olive oil. There are plenty of variations, all based on sesame seeds, sumac, and thyme or a similar herb. The combination of nutty, sour, and savory makes the taste so versatile and irresistible.


▪ Substitute chicken with cauliflower, (sweet) potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, or root vegetables.

▪ Substitute couscous with rice or potatoes.

▪ Sprinkle Za’atar spices on pizza dough, yogurt, cream cheese, or hummus.

▪ Mix Za’atar spices with olive oil as a dipping sauce for bread or vegetables.


Za’atar Culinary Spice Kit

Sesame seeds, coriander, sumac, thyme, cumin, black pepper


17 / 30

Israeli Za'atar

Question Image

The aroma of Korean BBQ is mouthwatering. This seasoning includes shitake mushroom powder. Shitake is full of natural umami. Umami is the fifth taste, joining sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Korean chili pepper differs from the conventional chili pepper. It has a complex flavor and natural sweetness. We selected a milder version. Optional, Kimchi adds additional heat.


▪ Substitute beef with lamb chops, pork tenderloin, or tofu.

Bulgogi Culinary Spice Kit

[1] Shitake mushroom, black pepper
[2] Korean chili pepper, salt


18 / 30

Korean Bulgogi

Question Image

Urfa Kebab has a chocolate aroma from Urfa pepper with a mild heat. Both can be widely found in Southern Turkey. The irregular shaped flakes of Urfa Biber, also known as Isot pepper, are a versatile condiment that can be sprinkled on cheese, salad, or vegetables of any kind for a new distinct flavor.


▪ Substitute meat with 2 additional tomatoes. Spread mixture on prepared pizza dough and bake according to package instructions.
▪ Substitute flatbread with cooked rice.

Urfa Kebab Culinary Spice Kit

[1] Urfa Biber

[2] Sumac


19 / 30

Turkish Urfa Kebab

Question Image

Cumin is the star of this meal. It’s the characteristic flavor of grilled Méchoui. We loved to enjoy it at the Moroccan family restaurant in Brussels.

Optionally, add a couscous salad and harissa chili paste.


▪ Substitute lamb with beef sirloin, beef or pork tenderloin, or chicken breast.

▪ Substitute lamb with potatoes and/or firm vegetables.

Méchoui Culinary Spice Kit

Cumin, coriander, paprika, garlic, turmeric

20 / 30

Moroccan Méchoui

Question Image

Though Moussaka doesn’t origin in Greece, it became the best known of all Greek dishes. Authentic Moussaka is a casserole covered with a thick layer of béchamel sauce. The latter is quite tricky to master. This recipe is a combination with Kleftiko, a dish baked in parchment paper. It’s easy to prepare, fun to eat, and has a rich Moussaka flavor. The spice blend is enough for two dishes, so you can try the authentic version with our online recipe as well.

21 / 30

Greek Moussaka

Question Image

Anti-cucho translates to ‘cuts from the Andes region’. First made with llama meat, the grilled Anticuchos skewers have a long history and are popular throughout South America, especially in Peru.


▪ Substitute beef with chicken breast or boneless pork chops, or with beef heart, the most popular version.
▪ Add to or substitute corn with onions, mushrooms, green asparagus, or bell peppers.
▪ Substitute corn ears with 3 cups frozen corn kernels and quickly fry them with the garlic in the PAN after the skewers are done.

▪ Add some fresh mint to the sauce.

Anticuchos Culinary Spice Kit 

Roasted garlic, Peruvian aji amarillo pepper, salt, cumin, black pepper, annatto

22 / 30

Peruvian Anticuchos

Question Image

Turkish Lahmacun is a pizza style dish. The dough has a crispy-soft texture. At home, it’s traditionally baked in a pan without oil.


▪ Substitute lamb with any other ground meat.
▪ Instead of meat add 2 cups of cooked lentils or bulgur.

Lahmacun Culinary Spice Kit

Paprika, Turkish pepper (mild Marash & Urfa, crushed with oil and salt), anardana (pomegranate), oregano


23 / 30

Turkish Lahmacun

Question Image

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad is served in most of Southern Californian microbreweries. Enjoy this fast to prepare and delicious dish at home.


▪ Substitute tuna with salmon or chicken breast.

▪ Add optional vegetables to the salad.

Ahi Tuna Culinary Spice Kit

Smoked paprika, paprika, Chipotle chili, black pepper, white pepper, oregano

24 / 30

Californian Ahi Tuna Salad​

Question Image

The Seychelles Islands extend over 115 isles in the Indian Ocean. This Creole dish from the smallest African country is served with a fresh-fruity salad and rice. Optionally, add “Ladob”, sweet potatoes cooked in spiced coconut milk.


▪ Substitute chicken with veal, fish fillet, or eggplant.

Kari Koko Culinary Spice Kit

Turmeric, cinnamon, coriander, onion, chili, cumin, garlic, curry leaves, fenugreek, ginger, yellow mustard, cardamom, black pepper


25 / 30

Seychellois Kari Koko

Question Image

Encebollado is a soup topped with thin onion slices pickled in lemon juice. It’s claimed that the soup cures a hangover. The fish version is very popular in the coastal region of Ecuador. Don’t worry about the little heat in the soup. It finds a perfect balance with the other ingredients once you stuck up your plate. If you are lucky to find cassava aka yuca roots in your grocery store, we recommend to give it a try. Cut off the firm skin. Then cook it the same way as potatoes.


▪ Substitute tuna with another fish and adjust the cooking time if needed.

▪ Substitute potatoes with cassava (aka yuca root).

▪ Substitute cilantro with parsley.

Encebollado Culinary Spice Kit

Aji panca, cumin, cilantro

26 / 30

Ecuadorian Encebollado

Question Image

Lobio is a very popular dish in Georgia, Europe. It’s served as a hot stew in the winter or a cold dip in the summer. There exist many variations for the ingredients. Please select your favorite from our suggestions. You might want to serve it with pomegranate and cornbread for an extraordinarily complex flavor experience. Pickled vegetables are another good addition. The spice blend is the famous Khemli Suneli.


▪ Substitute beans with navy or cranberry beans.

▪ Substitute half of the beans with 1/2 lb ground meat.

▪ Substitute cilantro with mint or parsley.

▪ Substitute walnuts with almonds or hazelnuts or 1 tbsp flour.

Lobio Culinary Spice Kit

Coriander, fenugreek, mint, paprika, black pepper, turmeric, methi, savory, basil, cinnamon, cloves

27 / 30

Georgian Lobio

Question Image

We are glad to bring a taste of New Orleans to your home with this Cajun blend and smoky chili for shrimp or fish fillet. For the side, we included amchoor powder for an exotic touch. It's made from dried green mangoes and adds a fruity flavor to the coleslaw to pair with the citrus flavor in the red bell pepper.


  • Substitute shrimp with fillets of tilapia, catfish, haddock, or flounder.

Cajun Culinary Spice Kit

[1] Paprika, yellow mustard, oregano, thyme, black pepper [2] Chipotle chili [3] Amchoor


28 / 30

Cajun Shrimp

Question Image

Falafel can make a great substitute for a burger, once in a while or weekly. Consider our variations as a start for your creativity. You can change the type of beans and herbs, add vegetables to the beans, serve them with any type of bread, sauce, and salad. Though baking the Falafel is easier, we recommend frying them to get a crunchy outside.


Substitute garbanzo beans with ground meat.

Falafel Culinary Spice Kit

Cumin, coriander, paprika

29 / 30

Egyptian Falafel

Question Image

Get a new twist for your BBQ with Columbian-Mexican-Venezuelan Carne Asada. The tender meat with a lime-tangerine-chipotle flavor is served with the king of salsas. In Venezuela, there is no BBQ without Guasacaca sauce. Don't be fooled by its similar look to Guacamole.


▪ Substitute beef with chicken pieces.

Asada Culinary Spice Kit

[1] Tangerine peel, cumin, garlic, black pepper, oregano

[2] Chipotle flakes


30 / 30

Columbian Carne Asada

Question Image

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