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The SpiceBreeze Quad Box is the first spice subscription box that let you choose your preferred dishes.

You have already the flexibility to choose between several ingredients for each culinary spice kit. With our new feature, SpiceBreeze Quad Box subscriber get even more options.

These 2 are In - For Sure

From the 4 culinary spice kits that are included in a SpiceBreeze Quad Box, 2 are the same as in the smaller SpiceBreeze Duo Box and cannot be changed – yet.

Lobio is a very popular stew in Georgia, Europe. You might want to serve it with pomegranate and cornbread for an extraordinarily complex flavor experience. The spice blend is the famous Khemli Suneli.

Encebollado is a soup topped with thin onion slices pickled in lemon juice. It’s claimed that the soup cures a hangover. The fish version is very popular in the coastal region of Ecuador

Your Selection to Choose Dish # 3 & # 4

Two culinary spice kits are unique for the SpiceBreeze Quad Box and can be tailored to your taste.

Each month, you can select your preferred two additional culinary spice kits from several dishes or discover our table-top spice of the month. The monthly selection is available in your account on the days notified by email.

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Savory crêpes make a great quick dinner with versatile fillings, one for every taste. Beetroot powder adds all the health benefits of beetroots and a nice reddish color to the crêpes without a difference in the taste. Give the French dish a global touch with little sprinkles of the Japanese Togarashi blend.


Get right into the center of the Brazilian carnival with this popular street food, Vatapá. Original from Africa, it is known as a specialty from the region of Bahia and spread throughout Brazil. This recipe with a modern twist comes directly from Brazil. Ground annatto seeds add a warm, earthy flavor and natural red color. Though shrimp is a typical ingredient, Vatapá is just as popular without it.


Enjoy a French Valentine’s dinner for two with classic Filet Mignon au Poivre (Peppersteak) and discover the extravagance of a rose flavored dessert. Filet mignon is the best choice, but you can use any type of steak. Precious green peppercorns give the creamy steak sauce a less pungent, woody-fruity note. 

It's Time For a Treat

Treat yourself or a friend with this Valentine’s Day Gift. It contains one spice pouch (your choice) in a nice Valentine’s Day gift bag (different designs) and a gift tag for your individual gift message. 

Valentine's Day Gift

For Lunar New Year, red gift envelopes are filled with money. They shall bring luck in the new year and drive evil spirits away. Get your favorite spice kit in a red Lunar New Year envelope. 

Lunar New Year Kit

This recipe combines two dishes: crisp Pakora fritters and gravy-style Kadhi. Both use garbanzo bean (“chickpea”) flour as the main ingredient. Though variations are included, we recommend staying original. Garbanzo bean flour has a wonderfully unique taste. Think of falafel or hummus. 


Quatre Épices or “four spices” is a French staple blend with white pepper in a prominent role. Quatre Épices is used to season hearty stews and soups, or braised root vegetables. This recipe is for a French-style beef stew or one of its variations.


Dark mole is a sauce made from several chile peppers, nuts, and chocolate. It is usually labor-intensive and time-consuming. This recipe is a delicious shortcut with popular Ancho chile and true cacao. Ancho chile is a very mild chile type. Unlike the common, roasted cocoa, cacao is pure chocolate and higher in minerals.