How It Works

1. Select your box

Choose to cook 2 or 4 global meals per month with either a Duo Box (includes 2 kits) or a Quad Box (includes 4 kits).

Each kit comes with a simple global recipe and the required spices, freshly ground and pre-portioned in little pouches (1 to 3 pouches per kit).

2. Select your preferences

Select your proteins preferences and heat level in the next step.

3. Select your plan

Select month-to-month subscription, or save with 3, 6, or 12 months prepay.

Gifts are available for optional non-renewing. For example, you can go for a one time 6-months gift and don’t have to cancel.

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4. Receive your SpiceBreeze box

Each SpiceBreeze box includes the simple recipes and freshly ground spices pre-portioned for 2 (Duo box) or 4 (Quad box) global meals.

5. Convenient Delivery

Free shipping (US). Shipping to Canada 50ct. per meal.

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6. Cook with minimal time & effort

Our recipes are short and simple. The freshly ground spices are included in little pouches. Just pour & stir.

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