Frequently Asked Questions

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What it is like to cook with SpiceBreeze?

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers say.

“Gave as a Xmas gift to my son and daughter in law and after 5 boxes they are still raving. They love the different fresh spices and particularly the recipes (which they send on to me.) As struggling grad students they appreciate the convenience and the novelty of someone else coming up with the answer to that perennial question “what’s for dinner.” The exposure to different food cultures from around the world has been really fun. Thanks for a great product.” Ann B.

“I was looking for a little gift for my wife, someone who is always shopping for herself. When I found SpiceBreeze I thought, “this might be cool.” Inevitably most of my gifts fail but when she opened the curated spice box she was surprised and delighted. A much better reaction than I figured. Good idea if you know someone who likes to cook! Thanks all” Mike P.

“Good gift for someone who likes to cook.” Tracey K.

“The quality of the spices are outstanding and the recipe cards are just great! They include spices and recipes from around the world. For a foodie, this is heaven!” Natacha S.

“I am always so happy when I open my mailbox and the smell of the spices hits me on a hot day. I love the variety in the recipes, and the ease of making them. My family, and Facebook friends all think I’m an amazing cook with this up my sleeve!” Kathlene S.

Cooking with SpiceBreeze 101

All recipes are simplified and need no more than 30 minutes hands-on time. Only a few recipes suggest marinating or an extended cooking time.

The SpiceBreeze menu follows the seasons: Stews, pies, and hearty soups in the winter; grilling, and light meals in the summer; plus extraordinary menus for special occasions.

You can find the current culinary spice kits for a limited time in our store:

We simplify authentic recipes to spare you the hassle with rare to find ingredients, assuming that soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and anchovy paste are widely available. Just add fresh ingredients to your pantry items.

In general, the recipes are designed to use the complete spice pouch at once. Just pour & stir. For some exceptions, the amount is written in the recipe and on the pouch.

Yes, of course. Please see the notes on the recipe card and the tips in our emails.

Our Spices

We buy our spices from carefully selected American importers and make all spice blends in small batches monthly right before shipping. Our customers love the freshness!

Customer Review: “DELICIOUS. Fresh. Filled with flavor. We have already made all 4 recipes suggested. And we couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait for the next batch.” Patrick A.

Because we prepare all spice blends each month in only the amount needed, they don’t need preservatives.

At SpiceBreeze we take care that our spices are free of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and artificial or natural flavors or colors.

We make our spice blends in a commercial kitchen. Dairy, eggs, meat, fish, crustacean, nuts, soy, and wheat products might be used in the kitchen as well. We take all precautions to prevent cross-contamination though we can not give a guarantee.

Customer Review: “As someone with a food allergy (Celiac’s Disease), eating out is really hard. Being given the spices and recipes to create food from other countries is amazing because it allows me to get food that I would normally get at home, and the recipes and spice list to create it again if I like it. And, at the price per month, it’s a pretty unbeatable deal. I highly recommend.” Savannah L.


Subscription 101

To start a SpiceBreeze subscription select your box size here: Join

In the next step, choose a month-to-month plan or save with a prepaid plan.

We ship all box sizes and plans monthly.

Our regular shipping is around the 15th each month. 

When you order, you can choose to get your first SpiceBreeze box shipped the following week.

In December, we offer additional shipping dates throughout the month.

Absolutely! You can skip one or more months. This is helpful if you are travelling or moving.  If you have a prepaid plan, please send us an email to assist you.

Yes of course, though we would be sorry to see you go.

A cancellation applies to the future and prevents a renewal.

To cancel, please login to your account here: customer login

Yes, of course. Boxes that were prepaid before the cancellation will all be shipped as ordered. 



We ship the subscription through USPS First Class letter mail to the United States and Canada.

We ship all subscriptions with USPS First Class letter mail. Unfortunately, USPS doesn’t provide a tracking number for this type of shipping.

Shipping to the United States is free. 

Shipping to Canada costs US$1 or US$2, depending on the box size.

According to USPS, First Class letter should arrive in the US in 3 to 5 business days. Please note: we have seen it take up to two weeks.

Shipping to Canada can vary from 10 days to 3 weeks. During COVID 19, we saw it go up to 4 weeks.