Beef Rendang

Indonesian Beef Rendang

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Beef Rendang – An All Time Favorit

Indonesian Beef Rendang is one of the most delicious meals of the world. Original Rendang is cooked in coconut milk for many hours until the meat is tender and absorbed the flavors of the spices.

You can choose this slow cook version, or go for the shortcut, still so good.

Rendang Culinary Spice Kit Ingredients:

[1] Red Chili Pepper Flakes

[2] Lemongrass powder, galangal powder, kaffir lime powder, coriander, turmeric

Slow cook version:

  • Use beef stew and continue to simmer for another 1.5-4 hours, stirring periodically, until the beef is very tender and most liquid has evaporated.
  • Remove lid, turn heat to high, and fry the sauce to concentrate the flavors. Stir frequently to not burn the meat. The Rendang is done when almost no sauce is left and the beef is dark brown.

TIP: If you can make it one day in advance, the beef will turn chocolate colored and the flavors deepen.


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