Firecracker Falafel

Firecracker Falafel

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Firecrake Falafel – A Classic with a New Twist

This Firecracker Falafel recipe spice kit contains multiple options to use the included typical falafel spices: coriander and cumin. We recommend that you try the Falafel with the whole spices for the surprising taste experience of popping coriander seeds.

Your Options

  • Two recipes: Falafel and Kefta
  • Two dishes: with Whole or ground spices
  • Hot with red chili pepper or mild without chilies.

Firecracker Falafel Culinary Spice Kit Ingredients:

[1] Coriander, cumin

[2] Coriander, cumin seeds

[3] Red Chili Flakes

Get the complete recipe here.


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