7 Ways to Shake Up Your Lunch With Dill

7 Ways to Shake Up Your Lunch With Dill

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7 Ways to Shake Up Your Lunch With Dill

Are you always wondering what dill weed is good for? Why is it so popular all over Europe?

Dill has a sweet fragrant flavor. In Sweden, the weed is a kind of a national spice. No wonder, as it complements fish very well. SpiceBreeze Box subscribers received this month a recipe spice kit for Swedish Roekt Med Pepparrotssas.

Pepparrotssas is a traditional Scandinavian horseradish sauce. It is especially popular in Sweden served with smoked or boiled fish, beef, or vegetables. Smoked proteins bring the weeknight dinner faster to the table. Why do not have it at least twice a month? Horseradish in powder form creates a subtle pungency that doesn’t burn like fresh grated horseradish. The dish is finished with sweet dill sprinkled on top.

We hope that you get inspired to try something new by the following recipe ideas. Twist them to your own taste. There is hardly anything that doesn’t go well with dill.

7 SpiceBreeze Recipe Inspirations for Dill Weed

If you can get fresh weed, this is always the best choice. Otherwise use the dried herb rather than miss out on these delicious dishes.

  • Use dill weed in any cucumber salad.
  • Make a sandwich with salmon or (cream) cheese and garnish with dill weed. Try it on a dark rye bread or Scandinavian crisp bread.
  • Combine chopped eggs with mayonnaise or yogurt. Season with lemon, vinegar, salt & pepper, and dill weed.
  • Add the herb to a beetroot soup with drops of sour cream.
  • Sprinkle the weed over any type of cooked fish or over shrimps salad.
  • An addition to your favorite potato salad is another great way to use dill weed.
  • Season smoked salmon with lemon juice and dill weed.

Interested in more ideas? Check out our kits with dinner recipes and pre-portioned freshly ground spices here.


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