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Spice Bag St. Patrick's Day


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Spice Bag – Dublin’s Trendiest Take Out Available in San Diego

This modern fusion is the trendiest food in the streets of Dublin, Ireland. It is not sure who invented it. Yet everyone loves these Asian spiced chicken & fries in a bag, said to ease hangovers.

Happy St. Patrick week!

They Just Love It

It’s something to get excited about and share.

He can’t be that bad!
*Overheard on Dublin bus*
“I used to hate him but then he shared his spice bag with me – like he bought it, so he can’t be that bad!”

Hardest decision ever
“Spice bag, or double bacon cheeseburger?? This is literally the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make”

Can’t imagine how it tastes? See this review of a “damn good spice bag”.

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Get Your DIY Recipe Spice Kit

Spice Bags are literally paper bags filled with juicy crisp chicken & fries, topped with onions, bell peppers, and fresh chili slices for extra heat. Get the special Asian spice seasoning – now available in North America exclusive @SpiceBreeze!

Just a couple of weeks ago the first seasoning became available in local retail markets in Dublin. Here in the United States, subscribers of the SpiceBreeze box were the first to receive a Dublin Spice Bag recipe spice kit. Due to high interest, we offer now in our shop – for limited time only – the DIY Dublin Spice Bag Kit. Get it now!

Visit Dublin?

If you are around in Dublin right now, don’t miss to try check out one of these highly popular locations: 11 Spice Bags From Around Ireland That You Need To Try Before You Die.

What else to see on a Layover in Dublin?

Don’t miss your DIY Spice Bag Recipe Spice Kit upon your return: Get it now


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