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With SpiceBreeze Culinary Spice Kit subscription box you receive simple recipes from around the world with pure spices, conveniently pre-portioned in little pouches for easy cooking and no waste. SpiceBreeze makes it easy for everybody to enjoy new delicious flavors!

Quality Comes First

The quality of the spices is very important to us. Today it is easy to find spice blends in grocery stores. Yet, if you take a closer look at the ingredients, you will often find glutamate (MSG), artificial colors and flavors.

SpiceBreeze boxes enable you to cook with pure spice blends without glutamate (MSG), artificial flavors or other additives. Salt or sugar is only included if a specific recipe requires it. They are packaged in separate pouches as well as hot spices. Everybody can adjust them to their own taste and health requirements.

We resource the spices from trustworthy American wholesalers which we have carefully selected. If possible we choose organic and fair trade spices. The spices are freshly ground or come in whole, depending on the recipe.

Simple Recipes and Ingredients

Thinking of cooking after a busy day is tiring.

It takes so much time and effort to conquer new recipes and resource special ingredients. Many recipes require spending hours in the kitchen and following multiple cooking steps.

SpiceBreeze recipes need only a few fresh ingredients from your local grocery and some pantry items. The recipes are easy to follow and require not more than 30 minutes hands on time, often less.

The big flavor is delivered to your home with the spice pouches. The pouches are easy to use. No measuring is needed! Just pour them in. One exception are hot spices. They are coming in separate pouches to enable a flexible usage depending on your individual heat level.

Authentic Taste is Key

It is so exciting to enjoy all the delicious flavors that the world has to offer, fresh cooked at home with ingredients of your choice and free of chemicals.

“I tried the Makhani Masala. It’s really good! I put beef instead of chicken, and I forgot to get the cream, so I used coconut milk instead, but it is still really good πŸ™‚ Also my son loves it πŸ™‚ Thank you very much. Rachel”

Our SpiceBreeze team has a diverse cultural background. We all love to travel and enjoy discovering new food and authentic flavors. Countries where we are born or lived for a longer time include Germany, Morocco, Ethiopia, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, and Venezuela. Our relatives and friends are spread around the world, Indonesia, South Africa, India, Iran, … just to name a few.

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